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  1. The EU has classified the UK as being non- industrial as you can see as when Margaret Thatcher came into power most industry closed. The energy companies now are generally owned by the French, Spanish and German governments: EDF – France, Scottish Power – Spain, E.ON – Germany, npower – Germany and they make UK companies pay 62% more for electricity than Germany firms and 80% more than those in France, according to the 26-page report, The Energy Price Gap – A New Power Deal for UK Steel see preventing any investment in industry in the UK. Huge investment in industry would be made in the UK if we left the EU.
  2. It is consider EU foreign policy ineffective, and it is believed that the power of the EU in world politics to be declining as new power centres are emerging . Why should we want to belong to an organisation that is declining?
  3. We can put import duty on the goods that we make to protect our industries and not have duty on goods that we do not make but are made in Germany, France etc. So we can protect our jobs and create lots more jobs. We only buy from the EU and do not sell much to the EU. Most items that we sell to the EU have been already brought in from the EU in parts and are assembled in the UK by robots (see car plants), very few UK workers are involved. So the free trade within the EU does not benefit the UK. As the UK has little industry now the trade agreements are of no benefit. The UK economy is mostly based on services and financial industries 80% which will be little affected by Brexit.
  4. Most things including food will be cheaper and there will be no shortages because:-
  5.  We can buy anything we need cheaper from anywhere in the world, the EU at present restrict the entry of goods to certain ports which makes them in short supply and expensive.
  6. All goods including food have high EU import duty (i.e. lamb 40%) we would remove the duty making everything cheaper. Most prices in the EU are much higher in the EU and UK at present because the import duties which allow the EU manufacturers to charge more as they are protected from world prices by high EU duties. The Uk would therefore not need a border with the EU.
  7. The EU would lose more than 1.2 million plus jobs which the UK could pick up. ttps://
  8. We can give preference to British Citizens in employment and protect their employment rights, which we can’t do in the EU. We can force companies to train UK citizens for jobs for which they would have imported workers for previously at lower wages and with dubious qualifications. The UK could ban the common practice of employees being paid 20 hours at minimum wage and having to work 60 hours for it.
  9. The length of delays at borders would be the same as now, as all lorries have to be inspected at present as VAT rates are different the UK and France, only the paperwork will change. See
  10. The UK would save so much in fees and duties that funding for support for industries, research, regional development and infrastructure projects could be much higher.
  11. We will protect our fishing and not have them overfished as they are under the EU. Our fleet would be seven time bigger. See
  12. The UK will make its own laws i.e. outlaw zero hours contracts.


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